If you click this you may be directed to a video in which Josh and Andrew are taken over by their alter egos, MJ Paradise and AzodozA respectively.  Josh and Andrew would never ask for your well earned credits but they would…. JUST LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!  YOU DARN ELBROS AND COOLIGALS!

EC OOPSphoto courtesy Winter Teems


9.28 flyer



comet flyer

Check out this event!  I can’t wait to share the stage with these folks!

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We go through some bits and have a good blast!  and The Human Jukebox does a beautiful melody from songs josh and I chose!!  also we review Yeasayer’s Odd Blood, and a track from LycraBeats!!

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We get deep this time… then laugh out of nervousness.  There are winners and losers and a great great TIMEWARP!

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Andrew, Josh, Wylie, and the Mayor go at it in an array of fun bits!

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Wylie brings a new bit, and Bruce Williams comes in for an interview all about comics and goth girls.

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andrew and josh talk about our latest vacations, and some new music!  no guests…

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Andrew and Joshua talk shop with Jillian and Jake from Olympia’s own Fruit Juice! We also listen to the new Phoenix album and Seattle’s electro-funk FoxHunt! And as always we get distracted, we get weird and Jillian loves vegan hotdogs!!!

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Josh and Andrew get chalky with local action master John Manini.  John could be considered any of the following…. producer, engineer, director, actor, musician, and local man about town…

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